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In 2010 I went to Aruba it was just me and my husband. We had a lovely time the hotel was practically on the beach so we spent quite a lot of time on the beach and in the sea, as a rule, I don't normally swim in the sea but on this occasion I did! The weather was very hot though even at night! it never went below 80 degrees.

We went on a jeep safari one day and we visited an ostridge farm where I fed the birds, what you do, is you stand with your back to the fence and they come and put their heads over your shoulder, I ended up with three of them and they were diving in to the bowl of food, it actually reminded me very much of a guide dog. The birds are very big but they don't have much of a brain so they never really remember if they have been fed or not!

We also visited an alovera factory which you could buy skin care products but we didn't bother. There was also a butterfly farm which OK. it was a beautiful garden but I found it to be a bit boring really mind you so did my husband I think. It was nice though learning all about the different types of butterfly.

Aruba is about a 9 hour flight from the UK.

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